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Get Branded by EBA

We develop a plan that identifies how your personal brand intersects with the corporate brand to create an executive brand.


The components include:


  • A personalized brand retreat to learn your story and your business objectives

  • Discovery of who the thought leaders in your space are and identifying the personal strengths we can amplify to give you a competitive advantage

  • Create metrics that provide a tangible ROI that you and your company can track

  • Some of our most popular solutions include:

    • Brand positioning strategy

    • Videos & Photography

    • Congressional Thought Leadership

    • Thought Leadership

    • Development of book ideas, book proposals, and securing book deals

    • Personal Web Design

    • Electronic Press Kit

    • Public Relations & Media partnerships

    • Social media management across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube

    • Strategic, high end speaking engagements

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