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Meet the Team

Pioneering human 2 human marketing.

Executive Branding Agency pioneers a blend of highly specialized services to seamlessly tell your story in a way that emotionally connects.

Our team has worked with the largest corporations in the world, leading executives, and other CEOs and personalities that have shaped the world.  We’ve come together to build a business model that exclusively focuses on you. The C-level executive at a multi-billion dollar business.  

Everything we offer, everything we do, and our collective expertise has come together to help you grow your career to the next level and better position your business by finding the intersection between your expertise and the best aspects of your company to personalize to key stakeholders.   

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Chris Collins – “Get Branded or Get Labeled”

Raoul Davis – “Business isn’t just B2B, or B2C, it is H2H, leading executives build a culture that has leadership share their story and build an emotional connection with the audience.”

Renu Hanegreefs-Snehi – “A brand is when your reputation, story, and vision are infused together”

Richard Polak – “30 years of global HR benefits experience across 5 continents leads me to believe corporations providing thought leadership programs for their team are on the cutting edge of executive benefits.”

Kimberly Reed – “The power of a personal brand unlocks doors you weren’t even aware could be open.”

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